Alpha version: Serves Washington DC Metropolitan Area only
Promote your maternal events and services
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Mommy helper is a personalized maternity planner that connects
expectant and new mothers with local trusted maternal services.
Delivering a holistic approach to maternal education and care
Providing support to a new mother is critical for her physical and emotional health. And , yet, a new mom becomes invisible in the healthcare system after the birth of a baby. During the intense postpartum period, she often feels alone and overwhelmed, with no support around her.

And we know it's tough to do the work you do while managing your business marketing.
We are here to help you help moms.

By joining our network of maternal service providers, we advertise your services to moms through MommyHelper, an online platform where a mom can discover trusted local services she needs as she transitions into motherhood.
We personalize service recommendations based on:
  • mom's interest;
  • mom's maternity journey timeline.
For a limited time as we test our alpha version, MommyHelper will provide a 6 month trial as we pilot in the DC metro area.*
Hyperlocal Customer Access
Moms tend to select providers that are nearby.
We aggregate services by location:
  • reducing providers' travel time and;
  • ensuring fast and convenient support for moms.
We promote your events and services at the right time of the mom's maternity journey ensuring visibility to your services right when she needs it.
Alpha version: Serves Washington DC Metropolitan Area only
Provide details about your educational classes and services, and we'll match you with a mother who needs you.
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* Alpha version of MommyHelper gives you a 6 months trial of Free Advertisement. After the trial, you can choose to stay on Free tier, or upgrade to Premium tier that promotes your services even further. Stay tuned.
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